#CleanseYourAura with Rose Quartz

#CleanseYourAura with Rose Quartz

Do you ever wonder why each purchase you make with Aura Lash + Beauty Co. comes with a medium size rose quartz cluster? Some people may not be into that “woo-woo” witchy vibe + believe in the power of crystals… but we do! (And even if you don’t… rose quartz is, at least, pretty to look at though, right!?

We’re proud to give each new client, bride, customer… whoever, a rose quartz cluster because it’s the stone of unconditional love. Much like the mission behind our craft at Aura… rose quartz is said to help boost your confidence + aid in emotional healing. Rose quartz clusters are also known to improve one’s self-love + forgiveness.

Rose Quartz Self-Love Ritual

Integrating your new healing rose quartz cluster doesn’t have to be an intense new self-care ritual. Taking in its vibrations is as simple as carrying it around with you throughout the day + envisioning its abilities doing their thing. Try keeping it beside you during a warm bath after a long week + sit with it while you do your breathing exercises!

Close your eyes, hold the rose quartz in your hand near your heart chakra and envision it releasing a beautiful, white healing light around that area. The glow of this light can be as big or as small as you’d like… or glittering with silver or gold… you decide! (TIP: Grab one of our White Sage + Rose sticks to burn during this self-care ritual to really kick out the negative vibes.) As you sit + picture its magic in your mind’s eye… repeat the following mantra:

”I am loved. I am nurturing. I am compassionate. I am worthy and I am deserving.There is an infinite amount of love that my heart is open to receiving + that my heart is willing to give.”


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